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The Amazing Eiffel Tower on Wheels Show by Janet Lees & Karen Buckle

Directed by Janet Lees & Karen Buckle

March 26 1982                  Hatfield Heath Village Hall

(Youth Group)



Ian Barnett

Michael Barnett

Christopher Buckle

Martin Bushell

Rachel Cleal

Ian Collins

Ruth Collins

Katie Edney

Peter Edney

Zoe Ellis

Justine Flemming

Mark Flemming

Sarah Holland

Katherine Gilchrist

Clare Kettridge

Andrew Lines

Richard Lines

Sarah Little

Sharon Millen

Christine Pearson

David Pearson

Sam Pyle

Keith Ramsdale

Mark Ratcliff

Robbie Reynolds

Anna Rider

Clare Russell

Anne Sheekey

Nicholas Smith

Adam Thompson

Tim Walsh

Joanne Woodford

002 (2)

002 (2)

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