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Review: Heath Players show great command in Bomber’s Moon


Date posted: 19-03-2015


INHABITING a character is a hard act to accomplish. If you are often aware that you are watching someone play a character. But the greatest accolade that can be bestowed on any actor is when you do believe that the actor really is the character they are playing.

Well, Martin Bedwell’s portrayal of Jimmy in Bomber’s Moon is a remarkable tour de force. You really do believe that you are sitting in a care home in Nottinghamshire and not in Hatfield Heath Village Hall.

Martin is helped by a masterly script by William Ivory (Made in Dagenham) but that is simply the clay. Bedwell creates/inhabits a cussed, cantankerous character that was a former member of Bomber Command. His delivery is first class and you really do feel for the elderly gentleman who is seeing out his final days with demons from the war intact.

But let us not under-estimate the importance of Lee Barnes portrayal of firstly David and later Frank. The fragility of David is perfectly framed by Lee. Because of this fragility, you wonder where the play/plot is going. He also morphes into Frank seamlessly, which is quite a skill.

The set is simple enough but let us not underestimate the work undertaken by the off stage team. The design and lighting, especially for the flash-back scenes, really add to the tone and tragedy of the piece.

We also have to emphasise that this is a very funny play and had the audience in stitches. But again, it is all in the delivery of both actors.

This is not an easy play to take on. And it must have been quite a challenge to both actors. The play runs until Saturday and we cannot recommend it highly enough.

A word to the wise, is that there is a fair amount of swearing in it. The good people of Hatfield Heath didn’t seem to mind. Infact it is a key part of Martin’s character and is done with gusto and is more industrial than insulting.


Courtesy of YourHarlow


A strong director with two actors on top of their game.


Martin Bedwell made the character completely believable and was very well supported by Lee Barnes. .

A very enjoyable and captivating evening of theatre.

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