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Click on the photographs for more information on each show.  Please note this is a work in progress and links may not work properly or information may be incomplete.



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The Sociable Plover

By Tim Whitnall

4-6 March 2010


My Three Angels

By Samuel & Bella Spewack

16-19 March 2011

Nation's Best Am Dram 

aka Stagestruck

May-October 2011

Terra Nova

By Ted Tally

21-24 March 2012

Martha, Josie and the Chinese Elvis

By Charlotte Jones

March 23-26 2013

Bomber's Moon

By William Ivory

18-21 March 2015

60 Years of Radio Comedy

30 & 31 October 2015

The Lady in the Van

By Alan Bennett

6-9 April 2016

Forgotten Voices

By Malcolm McKay

8 July 2016

A Commemoration of the Great War

11 & 12 November 2016

The Last Romance

15-18 March 2017


9-11 November 2017

Directed by

Bernard Moule


Women of Troy

October 2022

by Euripedes

Adapted & Directed by

Chrissie Waites

Once Upon a Crime

April 2023

Directed by

Joanne Gladstone


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