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Sleeping Beauty by Christopher Timothy

Directed by Chris Timothy & Titia Foulger

2-5 January 1974                Hatfield Heath Village Hall

The Pantomime is set in Fantisberg, capital city of Pantomania, somewhere in Central Europe, in the year 1728.




The Mortals

Town Crier

The Lord Chamberlain

Rupert   )

Roger    ) The Royal Page Boys

The Royal Physician

Dame Gertrude Broome

Biff    )

Bash  )  The Palace Guards

King Rudolph

Queen Valentina

Dorothy  )

Dierdre  ) The Ladies in Waiting

Princess Beauty

Prince Florizel


Very Old Man

Fairies & Goblins

Rose, Queen of the Fairies

Fairy Bluebell

Fairy Snowdrop

Fairy Marigold

Fairy Nightshade

Bog Whotleberry



Also appearing

Pony 1

Pony 2






Music composed by

Musical Director (Pianist)   



Production Credits

Costumes designed by

Costume makers

Stage Manger

Stage staff    

Scenic Artist and designer


Lighting and effects designed by


Make Up

Business Manager

Box Office                      





Terry Jameson

Dave Perry

Barry Walsh

David Lees

Roger Newland

Patrick Roberts

John Paine

Les White

John Brooker

Wanda Campbell (Titia Foulger stood in)

Celia Hogan

Wendy French

Carol Clarke

Jackie Ireland

Peter Lines

Terry Jameson

Alison Burnet

Garace Clarke

Frances Bowman

Penny Taylor

Jane Hackett

John Larke

Barbara Hogan

Linda Larke

David Millen

Jackie Stanley

Christine Chester

Maria Jones



John Philips

John Phillips

Peter Baker

Keith Clark




Gladys Melville

Geraldine Ellis, Jo Ireland, Connie Knowles, Margaret Lines, Jean Piercy, Marianne Simpson, Kath White, Pam Woodhouse

Tony Bushell

Tina French, Sue Timothy, 

Chris Bland, Kevin Bowman, Colin Calverly, Doin Foster

Janet Hoare

John Taylor

Peter Lines

Rhona Savident, Carrol Clark

Wendy Bundy, Diana Crook

Nigel Hoare

Hatfield Heath Post Office 

Sleeping Beauty 1974

Sleeping Beauty 1974

Cast Photo

Observer Review

Observer Review

Observer photo

Observer photo

Programme 1

Programme 1

Programme 2

Programme 2

Programme 3

Programme 3

Programme 4

Programme 4

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