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Festival Theatre

Directed by Peter Lines, Chris Timothy & Stephen Stickley

16 June 1971                  Hatfield Heath Village Hall


The Farce of the Devil's Bridge by Henri Gheon directed by Peter Lines


Heath Players' Juniors



Property Master                 Maurice Cahill

Kado, the Hermit                Carol Clark

The Cat                             Jackie Ireland

Mathurin, the Fisherman     Barry Walsh

The Pedlar                         Nick Redgewell

Mathurin's Daughter           Jacqueline Scott




Still Life by Noel Coward directed by Chris Timothy


Scene: The refreshment room, Milford Junction.  Time:April 1936 to March 1938



Laura Jesson                       Jean Foster

Myrtyle Bagot                      Jill Kendall

Beryl Waters                        Debbie Coleman

Stanley                                Steve Foster

Albert Godby                       John Taylor

Alec Harvey                         Alan Bakewell

Young Man                          Patrick Roberts

Bill                                     Mark Stickley

Jonnie                                 Steven Stickley

Mildred                               Barbara Bland

Dolly Messiter                      Wendy Bundy




The Black and White by Harold Pinter directed by Stephen Stickley



First Old Lady                    Irene Ruxton

Second Old Lady                 Grace Clark




Last to Go by Harold Pinter directed by Stephen Stickley



Barman                            John Taylor

Old Man                          Barry Hales




The Man in the Bowler Hat by AA Milne-performed by Broad Oak Players


Production Credits

Stage Manager                  Patrick Roberts

Costumes                          Gladys Melville

Lighting                            Peter Lines

Sound                               John Taylor



Programme 1

Programme 1

Programme 2

Programme 2

Programme 3

Programme 3

Programme 4

Programme 4

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